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MTI has the best local professional folk acts for your event. These seasoned performers use acoustic interments and often play songs by traditional folk singers from the 1950's and 60's such as Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Burl Ives, The Weavers, Harry Belafonte, The Kingston Trio, The Limelighters, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul & Mary and Judy Collins, as well as other more modern artists.

Folk music is many things to many people and is classified and categorized in many ways. There is: traditional, acoustic, world and roots, to nu-folk, electric folk, medieval folk and folk-rock, via bluegrass, country and Americana, through progressive folk, neo folk and electronic psych, to punk folk, folk metal and thrash folk.

Folk influences can come from all over the world - from Western and Eastern Europe, America, Africa, India - almost anywhere. Those influences ebb, flow and coalesce to create the new, different, strange and sometimes awe inspiring threads of what we call folk music.

These kinds of acts kind make a unique impact on your audience at a convention, corporate function and fundraisng event.

MTI uses only the best and most experienced musicians, bands, songwriters and singers - the "established" doing new, the "new" doing different and those just doing their own thing. When we find something good MTI will let you know.

If you like your folk as acoustic or electric; traditional or newer, medieval or folk rock; Americana, bluegrass or country; progressive, psychedelic, punk or thrash., MTI will have the right act for your event.

Acoustic, Solo, & Folk Musicians
Solo Guitar or Piano are the most popular single acoustic musicians, but other options that have a full sound and work well on their own acoustically are Harp and other ethnic instruments.

Instruments that play chords are best for a full sound if a solo performer. If the event is small and a live acoustical event area, pianists and harpists can normally work without amplification and a grand piano for the player is always a better sound if it is a quality instrument.

Guitarists are too soft unamplified and will bring a small amplifier normally. Other acoustic groups, meaning not really having amplification can range from classical string and wood wind acoustic groups, different jazz, blues and latin /jazz groups and several ethnic ensembles also.

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